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Why soap and water? You must be thinking. Doesn’t it amazes you that many a times the simplest things in life are those wield power and influence over a slew of matters. Just like what we had thought about a simple bar of soap in water. The perfect fight against the corona-virus AND cockroaches, possibly the two most vilest subjects on planet Earth at this moment. Ugh.

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Killing Cockroaches

Cockroaches are perhaps one of the most hardy and tough insects to have ever walk the face of Earth. Touted to have been in existence since millions of years ago, when dinosaurs were still in existence. The ability to withstand harsh conditions and the aptitude to adapt to the ever changing surroundings contributes significantly toContinue reading “Killing Cockroaches”

GUEST BLOGGING: Upholstery Cleaning Services Singapore

Interior cleaning service refers to the cleaning of the outer layer of furniture (especially the seats). They can be made of fabric, leather, etc. Seat covers; curtains; mattresses, carpets, office and dining chairs. Indoor cleaning services that are particularly popular among Singaporeans include sofa/sofa cleaning; mattresses and carpets. Nowadays, the decoration cleaning service may be popular among homeowners simply because it is possible to properly clean the decorated furniture or household furniture without spending a lot of money, and in many cases it can be brought back to a brand new state. Compared with replacing a new sofa or even buying a new mattress, this method is definitely a better choice. This kind of service is especially needed during the period before the holiday celebration. Depending on the family’s religious beliefs, it may be just before the Spring Festival or Hari Raya, which celebrates the New Year season. In terms of direct relationship, this is also the reason why the service booking related to furniture cleaning is relatively more advanced, because further appointments must be arranged to arrange a professional furniture cleaning staff to visit in order to complete the work in just a few hours . The home cleaning service will be completed within a few hours. For example, a two-person sofa may take about 1-2 hours to quickly clean the interior, while a thorough cleaning may take 2-3 hours to thoroughly clean a king-size bed. Measuring the cleanliness of interior decoration is usually done by using some of our easy-to-obtain senses. Spots or permanent patches are seen on the outer layer of upholstered furniture; the fabric of the sofa seat cover emits a moist musty smell; the greasy or greasy feeling on the surface of the furniture may be overflowing or long-term immersion in sweat or even skin Signs in the greasy taste. When we find that we have to deal with furniture or upholstered furniture that may affect the cleanliness of the outer layer, we can take the next most important step to decide whether to not accept professional home cleaning services to clean the furniture in the furniture. Problem; we use DIY methods to obtain tips and tricks from online resources or book sources to clean up our residences; Or last but not least, replacing a brand new piece of furniture, that is-if you are really rich or have to splurge on new furniture, it will not have a significant negative impact on your family’s total budget and overall finances. Interior cleaning may not be suitable for everyone, because for some people, using the same furnishings that may have been heavily contaminated and soiled over the years may be considered redundant, but for some people, it is An extremely cost-saving option. If you want to spend money on new furniture, you can refurbish it at a fraction of the original price just like buying new furniture. Well, we are talking about everyone’s desire for themselves!


Taking a stopover trip can sometimes be boring, or even dull for some people. Become a local in Singapore and know where to go; and what to eat; who will do certain activities; make accommodation unlike everyone traveling abroad; everything seems new and unfamiliar. A staycation holiday, when compared with traveling abroad, understanding how things work and their functions makes some travelers less excited. However, don’t forget that in addition to treating the hotel as an overnight residence, there are many facilities and activities waiting for us in the hotel. Perhaps this is an opportunity to explore the interesting facilities prepared by hoteliers. They have also realized that some updates of content and activities can well attract locals’ interest in experimental staycation trips within Singapore.

Swimming Fanatics
In the list of recommended things within the hotel by Staycation Singapore, you may wonder what benefits swimming as a positive behavior has. Do you think that even if you are not most hoteliers, it is a self-evident requirement to provide swimming pools for most visitors? We agree to a certain extent, although we also hope to have a slightly different view of us. The swimming pool of some five-star or six-star hotel may have the same facilities as the swimming pool of another low-level hotel, but if you compare one by one in detail, the swimming pools of some high-end hotel chains may have very different meanings. Facilities; architectural design; space; safety, etc. There are so many that places that attract tourists may become the star attractions of a Singapore hotel; just to feel like a place. A good example is the open-air swimming pool on top of the Singapore’s very own Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Gym Go Getters
This is another set of convenience facilities or functions that may be quite normal, and can be found in almost all Singapore hotels of three stars and below. For those who are keen to exercise, the gym may be a necessary function for staying in a hotel, but for those who are fully equipped and may not have the opportunity to explore further, the gym is an essential function. A gym exercise area with excellent atmosphere, carefully designed and designed by professional trainers on the ground. This may be another level of excellence altogether, so it is worth mentioning, and it does make people mention it as a secondary hotel facility.

Massaging Experience
Massage services are something that many Singaporeans like, and they pursued them when they traveled and traveled abroad before Covid-19. As part of your stay itinerary, we strongly recommend that you include massage services as part of the things and staycation activities to do in your staycation in Singapore. Most hotels (if not all) will have their own in-house service team to provide massage services, and you can usually contact the hotel staff directly to arrange the details of the massage service. A relaxing and meaningful activity that everyone may have considered, and maybe spend some time to add interest to the accommodation trip that Singapore is very familiar with.

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