Killing Cockroaches

Cockroaches are perhaps one of the most hardy and tough insects to have ever walk the face of Earth. Touted to have been in existence since millions of years ago, when dinosaurs were still in existence. The ability to withstand harsh conditions and the aptitude to adapt to the ever changing surroundings contributes significantly to the species’s longevity which in turn increases the difficulty to eradicate them once an infestation takes root.

A quick snippet here. Do you know that a cockroach could actually survive for up to a week without its head? Having the ability to live headless for such a long time only further solidifies its tenacious image as a difficult-to-kill pest. Interesting enough, the only reason why it eventually dies is because of food and water deprivation, as it is unable to perform any consumption without its head intact. Intriguing and hair raising indeed.

How do you keep out cockroaches then? Well in all honesty, it is very difficult to keep out this legion of pest entirely. But you could well make it a difficult conquest for them with the following pointers.

  1. Keep surroundings clean and proper with regular cleaning services done
  2. Limit consumption of food only be at specific places
  3. Cleaning up leftover crumbs and food pieces ALWAYS after eating
  4. Storage of food to be in sealed, inaccessible containers
  5. Frequent checks of concealed areas like floor cabinets or wire ducts
  6. Ability to spot signs of infestation: cockroach eggs or droppings(black spots)
  7. Quick reaction to deal with any infestation – D.I.Y. or pest control services

Okay, so how do we exactly kill cockroaches with soap and water? Both seem harmless to say the least and the combination look kind of impossible to be a ‘Batman & Robin’ solution in the sense of pest killing. Well, the answer to the question lies in how a cockroach actually breathes. I got your attention now? Cockroaches do not have noses like we human do, and rely heavily on pores all over its body to breathe in and breathe out. That’s also the reason why it can survive without it’s head for up to a week (see above). When a cockroach is sprayed on sufficiently with soap and water, a tiny film forms over this micro-pores and effectively cuts off the stream of oxygen required for its survival. Suffocation would be the eventual result.


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