Washing Hands the Right Way

As we are rambling on with the benefits of soap and water in this blog site, I can’t help to think that we should for once publish an entire post to teach in detail how one should wash his/her hands the PROPER way.

You see, the meaning of washing hands is simply vague and harmless against any ill-harboring viruses/bacteria that’s present. I could have my hands under a stream of running water for an hour, and there could still be potential disease-causing organisms that are still clinging dearly onto my hands.

Let’s not even mention the urgency and importance that we SHOULD, in the interest of the humanity, get this life saving skills RIGHT NOW, in the especially worrying times like today.

If you agree with me, let’s jump in now.

  1. Rubbing of hands, palm to palm in a circular clockwise motion. Repeat with opposite hands.

2. Interlaced fingers by placing right palm over left dorsum and in a forward and backwards motion, cleaning the contact surfaces thoroughly. Repeat with opposite hands.

3.) Repeat step 2 but this time round is palm facing palm with fingers interlaced.

4.) Cleaning the back of your fingers by rubbing against the opposing palms. Repeat with opposite hands.

5.) Cleansing of thumbs in a rotational fashion, while clamping in its opposing palm. Repeat with opposite hands.

6.) Using clasped fingers of one hand on the other hand’s palm in a rotational rubbing motion. Repeat with opposite hands.


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